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Pro Plant Care Live Tropical Plant
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Tropical Planter. Value $75. This gift has been donated by fellow Rotarian, Lesley Colburn-Swartz, Owner of Pro Plant Care.


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Pro Plant Care is your "Business Makeover Professionals"

What are the first impressions people get when they walk into your business? By adding lush and healthy plants, your office can immediately be transformed into a warm and welcoming environment.  

 We are excited to unveil four Prepackaged  Interior Plantscape Design Programs for our potential clients.  Our goal is that you as a business leader can readily see and choose an interior  plantscape that best suits your business goals and needs.  All programs will be designed to the specific lighting and space requirements of your business. Programs are monthly, so your business can stabilize cash flows and budget accordingly.  Call us today if you want to find out more.  

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